Checklist for Wordpress Connector


  • Go to “Settings” -> “QBank Connector”
  • Here there are pre-entered settings which must be changed to the settings you’ve been given by QBank.
  • Click “Save changes” when you have entered your information.

  • WP-settings.jpg

How to add a Qbank image into a wordpress page

  • Go to the page you wish to edit (under “pages” in the sidebar meny).
  • To add an image, click . A window will pop up and you will be on the tab “insert media”. Here you can see all the images already uploaded to wordpress.
  • Click on   to see all the Qbank images. WARNING, the page may take some time to load
  • Here you will see all the Qbank images. Select your image by double clicking on it, or hovering over the “+”-sign and select “view”.

  • Now you will see the image and all its details. You can also choose to crop the image.
  • Click on  to upload the image to wordpress. WARNING, it may take some time for the image to transfer. Please wait at least 5 seconds.
  • Go back to the “insert media” tab and select your image by clicking on it. To insert the image into the page please click .

The image is now on the page!

How to apply a “Featured image”

  • Click on  “Set featured image” located in the right column in the editor.
  • Click on “QBank Connector” in the menu and select the image you want to upload by either double clicking on it or hovering over the “+”-sign and selecting “view”.
  • Click on “use image” and wait at least 5 seconds.
  • Click on “Media Library”. Your image should be visible there now.
  • Select the image by clicking on it and click on “Set featured image” to insert it

You have now set your Featured image!

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