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Unlike a blog where you click the Facebook share button and make a link to the page pop up on your Facebook feed, QBank contains media that need to be uploaded, optionally tagged and sorted into albums. There aren't really "pages" to be shared in QBank, and even if the possibility to share a page existed, the target audience would have to log in to view it, since QBank is a secure environment.

We currently have social media connectors for Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. 

The Facebook plugin requires you to log in as the user you wish to publish the media to. Once you've logged in, you can write a description for the media, select album or create a new album on the fly.

Publishing to YouTube works in a similar way, you log in, describe the video(s) you wish to publish, and optionally add them to a playlist, or create a new one.

Flickr is somewhat simpler, you authenticate with an account and the image(s) will be published to the user feed.

All social media usages are tracked and can be retrieved in QBank, either through media detail views or usage searches, containing information about the respective account or user that published to a given channel.

One thing to note regarding social media publishments is that, unlike regular QBank publishments, they are not withdrawable/unpublishable from QBank, mostly due to access and consistency issues with the respective services. This means that if you want to remove an image from Facebook or a video from YouTube, you will have to do that normally through the respective service.

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