About sharing and distribution

As QBank serves as a central hub for all your digital asset, the ability to distribute and share assets becomes one of the most important features in the system.

Aside from downloading assets and sharing them manually, we offer common tools and custom QBank methods to help with this process. We usually divide these tools and methods into three main categories; Social media, publishing and moodboards. 

The social media tools hardly need explanation, most websites today incorporate a social media sharing toolbar somewhere. The main difference with sharing from QBank is that you share an actual file, not a website. 

Publishing in QBank implies exporting a copy of the media to a specified location, usually an external FTP site. The purpose is usually to place the media in a local directory to be used by a frontend or CMS plugin.

Our moodboards have evolved from the original meaning of the term, i.e. a collection of media, digital or physical, combined to create a feeling or a mood for a given purpose. Today when we talk about our moodboards we refer to a sort of public mini-website that can be created on the fly to host media for a shorter duration, as well as an open door for uploads that can be closed as easily when the purpose has been fulfilled.

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