Mediabank Case - Image Bank Sweden


Image Bank Swedens purpose is to market and increase the number of tourists and visitors to Sweden. They were looking for a simple system to use their images for visitors to search, share and at the same time be inspired to visit Sweden.


QBank created an image bank and a frontend built with QBank’s powerful search engine. By using tags on each image, Image Bank Sweden enable their visitors to filter their searches and find images according to their wishes. Visitors can also select images they like into a collection that they can share in different formats. All images are geo-tagged and connected to Google Maps, enabling visitors to see the exact location in Sweden that the image was taken, something that can inspire them to visit different parts of Sweden.


The result of the new image bank was over 460 000 downloads in 2013 from all across the globe. The system also makes sure that the image has the correct tags and that all images are uploaded in high quality. This system also enables Image Bank Sweden to quickly reach the market with their material. Furthermore, statistics enable the ability to measure the amount of views and shares, making it easy for Image Bank Sweden to evaluate their efforts.  

About Image Bank Sweden

Image Bank Sweden is administered by the Swedish Institute and VisitSweden. It is a cooperative effort with the Swedish Government Offices, the Swedish Trade Council and Invest Sweden. 


Mediabank Case - Ericsson


Ericsson was in need of a DAM-solution to control media and their internal work flow. Their current DAM-system was not being used as users deemed it too complicated to search, download and share files. They requested a more simple and flexible solution as well as the possibility to create a user-friendly frontend.


With a new media bank based in QBank, Ericsson now had a more efficient way to share images, videos, illustrations, 3D animations, graphics and documents in different formats to employees and partners across the globe. As the solution is cloud based, only single-sign-on is required of Ericsson’s about 115 000 employees.


Since the launch in May 2012 over 380 000 downloads have been conducted in the media bank. The system has become an efficient flow for employees to upload, find and share files with each other. Thanks to the system’s user-friendly interface, the employees have found other functions for it,  such as using it to host a photography contest, where employees across the globe can upload their images.

Through QBank Ericsson can now ensure that all employees have access to the correct files in the correct version. They have reduced the time otherwise spent on searching and retrieving files, as well as minimized the risk that the wrong files are sent around. Perhaps most important of all, they now have a user-friendly system that employees are happy to use.  

About Ericsson

Ericsson is one of the world leaders in the rapidly changing environment of communications technology - providing equipment, software and services to enable transformation through mobility.


Internal Mediabank Case - Svenskt Näringsliv


Svenskt Näringsliv used to store their digital assets on several devices. This created confusion and demanded unnecessary time to search for the right file and share it with the right recipient. They needed a system to collect and make their digital asset management more efficient. Another challenge lied in making sure that Svenskt Näringsliv could share files with their member organizations, who in turn use different systems to manage their digital assets.


The solution was a QBank-based frontend in their intranet that works as an internal media bank where employees and partners can search and retrieve files in the desired format.

Through their intranet, each of all Svenskt Näringsliv’s member organizations can access shared images and logotypes. Each member organization then has the opportunity to have their own place to administrate their digital assets such as images, movies and documents, and chose how to publish them from there. Some of the member organizations include Swedish Forest Industries Federation (svensk Skogsindustri), Visita and EIO. Several of the member organizations, among them EIO, SHR and the Transport Group (Transportgruppen), have now chosen to use QBank as their media bank as well.

Svenskt Näringsliv also makes use of QBank’s integration with the editorial solution Roxen when producing their magazine Entreprenör (Entrepreneur). QBank creates an efficient workflow for editors to retrieve and publish files, as well as receive files from external parties such as photographers.


Svenskt Näringsliv has significantly reduced the time spent retrieving files. They can know administer the organisations’ access to files, as well as ensure usage of the correct format and version. This has made workflow more efficient as well as created a consistent brand communication. By integrating QBank with Roxen they have an complete control of the flow of files, from uploading to publishing.  

About Svenskt Näringsliv

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv) is Sweden’s largest and most influential business federation representing 49 member organizations and 60 000 member companies with over 1.6 million employees. It was founded in 2001 through the merger between the Swedish Employers’ Confederation (SAF, founded in 1902) and the Federation of Swedish Industry (SI, founded in 1910).


Mediabank Integration with Sitecore and inRiver PIM Case - Dometic


Dometic was in need of a more effective management of images and product information, both for use in graphical production flows and publishing to different forms of media. They were using Sitecore as well as a inRiver PIM (Product Information Management) system and was requesting a solution that could be integrated with their existing investments.


Dometic found a solution in QBank’s connector for Sitecore, leading to a more effective digital material management on their public website as well as intranet. This ensures that web editors know they’re always using the right version of their images together with the correct metadata.

The integration with Dometic’s PIM is now conducted through QBank’s API. This means that QBank sends the product images in the desired format to their PIM, that replies with the product information that can be used in various channels.

Through a customized frontend Dometic can give their employees, press and resellers access to product images as well as sales- and marketing material, without restricting file format or size. This is controlled by QBank’s access rights model and thereby ensures that the right users can access the right material.


This solution provides a centralized and fluid work flow fully integrated with Dometic’s current systems, resulting in that the right version of images and meta data is published.  It has strengthened Dometic’s brand communication as well as reduced the time-to-market for their products. The tracking ability also entails that they can effectively measure their business.


Internal mediabank - Electrolux


Electrolux was in need for their editors to have access to the same media despite which site and CMS they were working with. A central function that was requested was the ability to search for and download images, graphical elements and other types of media and enable the ability to download these in different formats.


QBank helped Electrolux build several sites where one of them is Electrolux Brand Portal, which was built in EPiServer with the aid of our solution partner Avantime.

Thanks to QBank’s API and EPiServer connector, Avantime was able to build a search function for images and the ability to download them in different formats.


With this solution, Electrolux now have a brand communication that is consistent. With full control of their digital assets, they can ensure that the right format of their files is published to the right channel, no matter where they are.



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