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Web TV Case - Svenska Postkodlotteriet


The Swedish Postcode Lottery’s (SPL) program consists of several different program series, some of them produced by different production companies. The SPL wanted to collect these in order to publish them at their website, as well as share them with external parties such as sponsors. However, this proved a complicated feat as as the movie files were stored locally at the production companies, which required SPL to contact them each and every time they needed access to the movies.


By creating a centralized system instead, where production companies could upload files directly into QBank, SPL ensured that they were in control of the file management and and could publish the movies themselves to their website.  


The SPL saved in on resources by managing the movies themselves. Publishing and sharing files with external parties has become a smooth and fast process. SPL has thereby significantly shortened their time-to-market and as a result has their movies reach their viewers much faster.

About the Swedish Postcode Lottery

The Swedish Postcode Lottery is a lottery with the purpose to raise money to charity. The Lottery supports organisations, so-called beneficiaries, who work for a better world. The Swedish Postcode Lottery has currently 44 beneficiaries and the Postcode Foundation is one of them.


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