A QBank moodboard is basically a public mini-website that can be created on the fly to display a collection of media, usually during a limited time. A moodboard may be protected by a PIN-code, and a direct link to the moodboard is required to access it.

Moodboards are not only an "out-" channel but can also be used to import media into QBank from external providers that lack direct access to the system. You can simply create an empty moodboard with upload functionality enabled and send it to a photographer for example. Anything uploaded to the moodboard will be "created" by the creator of the moodboard, end up in the "uploaded" tab, and also added to the moodboard. The creator and any additional e-mails may receive notifications when someone visits the moodboard.

A moodboard may receive a expiry date when created that can be edited or removed at any time. A visitor trying to view a expired moodboard will receive a notification and no media will be displayed. Expired moodboards are still viewable in QBank, and can as mentioned me "un-expired" by updating the expiry date.

The intention of moodboards is not to replace frontends or similar media channels, but to complement them. While a frontend may target a large audience, a moodboard may be meant for one or only a few recipients. A common use case is sharing a few staff image, company logotypes and upcoming product images with a news contact or catalogue creator. A moodboard is also intended to be a temporary channel, unlike frontends. Since media on a moodboard should be considered exposed to the public, it is not recommended to have a lot of open moodboards laying around with a bunch of media in them. It will quickly become hard to keep track of who has access to what, and what is being used where.

When you create a moodboard, you have to chose a template. The template decides how the moodboard will look for visitors. Each template in turn can have a series of settings, such as if uploading should be possible, if downloading the original media is possible, etc. We've created three standard templates that made be added to your QBank instance. A couple of these allow changing the logotype and color scheme to a certain extent. 

Additional templates may be created on request to suit a graphical profile or certain functional requirement.

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