Working with moodboards


When you create a moodboard in QBank you gather files on a temporary page to communicate and present an idea. It’s much more visual than a simple FTP. You can download all the files included in the moodboard. All together or individual and also add the files of your choosing to My selection*. You can add more functions to your moodboard like uploading to QBank, choose different file formats for downloading etc.


*Depending on your access level.


Create moodboard

To create a moodboard click on the moodboard button just below the search area.

  1. Choose create moodboard.
  2. Write a title.
  3. Select a PIN-code if you want to restrict the access.
  4. Select expiry date, visit notification (optional) and the template of your choosing.
  5. Click on create or create & close.



Add media to Moodboard

There are two ways you can add media to a moodboard:

Option 1:

  1. Drag-and-drop the media directly to the moodboard folder on the left side.

Option 2:

  1. Select the media you want to add and click on the add media to moodboard button: Then choose an existing moodboard folder or create a new one. Click on add.


Remove media from Moodboard

Choose the media that you want to remove and click on remove from moodboard.


End-user Moodboard

This is an example of how a moodboard can look like. Remember that it’s possible to use different templates for different purposes.

In this case the Business template is used.


Preview Moodboard

Click on the view moodboard button to preview the moodboard.


Video tutorial - Moodboard




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