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Delivery Portal Case - Forsman & Bodenfors 


Advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors previously used FTP to deliver their final products to clients and were searching for a simpler and better designed solution for delivering client material. Their wish was to build a site clients could access their files from.  


The solution was a QBank-based frontend that now works as their Delivery Portal. F&B can easily upload material into QBank and index it with metadata. By putting different rights on the material they ensure that clients can only access their material after signing in at the front end. Clients can access previews of all files and easily download them in various formats. The ability to use on different search filters also makes it easier for clients to find their material. For example, clients can sort out different files and material for a specific campaign.


With QBank, F&B now has a well-designed and consistent solution for delivering their material. By using a professional platform, F&B increases the value on the deliverables and strengthen their position against competitors. Another result of this is some of their clients, such as Statoil and Thomas Cook, have decided to use QBank as their media bank to improve work with F&B as well as using QBank as their own system.

About Forsman & Bodenfors

When founded in Sweden 1986 Forsman & Bodenfors was a small independent agency with a vision to create world-class communication. They are still independent and are ranked as one of the best agencies in the world.

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