QBank for Office is an Microsoft AddIn for PowerPoint that allows users to search for images stored in QBank and add them to their presentation.

Users can also use the AddIn to search for and open presentations or documents stored in QBank.

 QBank for Office features:

  • Drag-and-drop for importing images/videos to active presentation
  • Free text, Folder and categorized search.
  • Search results with thumbnails.
  • Preview pane for easy change of format.
  • Project folders with easy-to-use access control

Getting started
Make sure that the plug-in has been properly installed by verifying that the QBank Mediabank icon appears under the Insert section (see below). 

Click the Mediabank icon to launch the QBank add-in.

Free text search (A)
Enter a full or part of a search string and press enter.

Filter on mediatype (B)
If needed, you can filter the search results on mediatypes, ie. Images, Logotypes, Illustrations, Symbols.

Folder tree view (C)
You can browse assets by folder using the folder tree view. Folders that contain subfolders are indicated with a + sign. Click it to expand or collapse subfolders.

Search result (D)

Preview image (E)
Shows a larger version of an image.

Asset information (F)
Shows metadata about a specific asset.

Set view mode (G)
View either thumbnails or a list of assets.

Set thumbnail size (H)

Size for download (I)
Before you can insert an image you need to pick the size of the image. Options are "Original" and "Powerpoint Size". The Powerpoint Size is optimized for presentations.

Insert image (J)
Downloads and places the image into your currently selected PPT slide.



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