Uploading files to QBank

Getting your assets into QBank is simple! Just drag and drop any files from your local desktop or computer into the browser and you will be presented with the Upload dialog window (below).

You can pre-tag your assets by filling out the metadata form and pressing "Save properties". To initiate the actual upload, click "Start upload". The system will display an upload progress for each asset, and give you a number of options once the transfer has finished.

After you uploaded your media, your assets will be stored under the "Uploaded Tab". As in library, you can index the media, add it to folders or moodboards, as well as managing the media access. However, when you approve the media, it will be moved to the library and the deploy feature is unlocked.

Add to folders
To add your uploaded assets to one or multiple folders using a folder picker.

Add to moodboards
Show to moodboard picker to immediately make assets available in a moodboard.

Approve & Deploy
Deploy uploaded assets to a deploy site (frontend, CMS etc)

View media
Display the uploaded assets.

Upload more files
Continue uploading additional assets.





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