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In the search field you can enter free text and search the whole QBank for media. It is the easiest way of tracking down the media you are looking for. Even if you only write a part of a word you will get search results in different categories directly.

You can also use “and”, “not” and “or” between the keywords for a more specific search.

If you want to add more words to the search, you simply press enter after each keyword.


Start typing in the Search field and the system will automatically suggest search words (based on property configuration, filenames and title).

You can combine multiple search criteria. For more detailed search, please refer to "Working with filters".

Free text operators

Sometimes a free text search will give you a lot of hits, to get more specific hits QBank supports operators such as AND, OR and NOT. Together with grouping, using parenthesis, you can narrow down your results greatly.

For example, if we want to search for landscape images taken during the winter, we can search for "landscape AND winter", to expand this search to also include autumn, we can search for "landscape AND (winter OR autumn)".

But what if we want to search for all landscape images but not those for spring? We can use a negative operator like this: "landscape AND NOT spring" instead of writing "landscape AND (winter OR autumn OR summer)" -- However, both of these free text searches would work.


(This is an example where you get results of assets tagged with QBank or people)


Note: Media that just have been uploaded and not yet indexed is not available in a regular search. You can find this media under the Uploaded media tab.


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