Getting familiar with the user interface


1. Search Box
Start typing in this field and the system will automatically suggest search words. You can add multiple search criterias.

2. Left Pane
View a list of folders, moodboards or deployment sites.

3. Media Box
Temporary selections of assets are stored in your Media Box. You can drag and drop selected media to here. There is also a mini toolbar for shortcuts:

  • View media
  • Open the slide builder
  • Add to moodboard
  • Add to folder
  • Publish
  • More
    > E-mail
    > Download
    > Remove selected from box
    > Empty box
    > Move to trash

4. Select Asset Scope

  • Library - shows all assets that have been approved.
  • Uploaded - recently uploaded but not yet approved assets.
  • Trash - Deleted assets.

5. Archive
When an asset isn't relevant anymore you may want to remove it from your library to prevent accidental use of it. Instead of removing access or moving the asset to trash, the best option may be to archive it.

6. Newsfeed
The Newsfeed displays all recently added, modified or deleted assets on the system.

7. Upload
Click here to upload assets to QBank (you can also drag and drop any assets directly from your desktop into the main preview area).

8. Statistics
The Statistics tab shows how your media have been used (both in QBank backend and on your Media Portal). You can also follow how much storage you have used.

9. Administration
Usage statistics and back-office administration (configuration of user accounts, metadata setup etc). 

10. Action buttons

  • Select / unselect all
  • Edit
  • Move to trash
  • Publish
  • Unpublish
  • Add to Media Box
  • Add to folder
  • Add to moodboard
  • Download
  • More
    > Reprocess Media
    > E-mail
    > Group Media
    > Syncronize
    > Media access
    > Archive
    > Media Statistics
    > Show related media

11. Information center / Support

Here you find the User manual, Knowledge base and how to contact QBank Support.

12. Preview Size

Modify the size of the preview thumbnails

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