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With the QBank connector for Photoshop, you can easily access, open and save back images directly from within Photoshop.

Setup and installation

QBank will provide you with a plugin that has already been configured to connect to your instance of QBank DAM. The installer file is in the .ZXP format, and requires Adobe ZXPInstaller, which can be downloaded from

Drag and drop the .zxp file into the installer and launch Photoshop. If the installation was successful, you will se QBank-DAM under Window/Extensions. Click the QBank-DAM item to open the mediapicker.

The QBank-DAM panel can be arranged like any other panel within Photoshop.


Open an image from QBank

The plugin connects to QBank using a service account, normally named "ps". The rights and access of that account controls what assets you will see when you open the mediapicker. To open an image stored in QBank, just hover over the selected image and select "Use". The image will be downloaded and will appear within Photoshop, just as if you had opened it from a local drive.

Save back the image to QBank

There are two options of uploading an image back to QBank, either click "Upload as new media" or "Upload as new version". For new versions, you will be asked to input a version comment. 







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